Rain drizzles down the city
It refuses to go away.
Just like an old lover
That refuses to say goodbye

Even when things are over it hangs on stubbornly
The monsoon had ended
Yet the rain still remains.

Ever presenting itself
Seeping into every hole
Soaking everything in its path –

Slowly sinking in
Its cold wet touch
Drizzle continues for days
Skies dark and gray

An eerie coldness hovers above.
Colder in the nights.
Stone cold heights.

Republished Republic

Republic Republished
Republishing the refurbished mind...
commencement begins,
restarts with a big BANG...
re write, redo, re organized.
re re re re ...
forgotten passwords no more
rebegin, recollect, reword
reGard, reMarK,
remember the republic of the oblong...