Rain drizzles down the city
It refuses to go away.
Just like an old lover
That refuses to say goodbye

Even when things are over it hangs on stubbornly
The monsoon had ended
Yet the rain still remains.

Ever presenting itself
Seeping into every hole
Soaking everything in its path –

Slowly sinking in
Its cold wet touch
Drizzle continues for days
Skies dark and gray

An eerie coldness hovers above.
Colder in the nights.
Stone cold heights.

Republished Republic

Republic Republished
Republishing the refurbished mind...
commencement begins,
restarts with a big BANG...
re write, redo, re organized.
re re re re ...
forgotten passwords no more
rebegin, recollect, reword
reGard, reMarK,
remember the republic of the oblong...

Price of Individuality

What price to pay, the freedom of individuality?
Being unique is almost a crime,
Barbie dolls come out of the factory,
The same mold, different colors
The same bust, the same height, the same makeup
The same clothes
The perfect image of an ‘ideal’ woman.
Girls sitting in a noisy café
Wear almost the same t-shirts and jeans
The same cut, the same style,
the same,
the same,
the same.
Did they come out of the factory too?
The factory of society.
Any deviation from the ‘norm’ will be discarded.
The price of individuality.

lost & found

I had not been able to sleep
My heart searches
My soul weary

I had not been able to rest
My heart travels
My soul weary

I had not been able to rest
My heart travels
My soul lingers

I had not been able to be at peace
My heart disturbed
My soul lost

I was searching
And looking
And was lost

The eternal abyss.

I had given up,
Took loneliness to be my home
And solitude became my permanent address

My weary heart stopped searching.

Then you came to me.
You gave me your arms so that
I have a new home

You stopped my searched
Dissipated my loneliness
Replenished my weary soul

So what more can I ask?
You are my map
You give me direction
Lost no more

And I can carry on…

I dreamt

I dreamt I was in your arms
Sleeping like a child
Innocent and without care

I dreamt you were next to me
Holding me, watching me

Feeling safe
I can wake up and face reality
Cause I know you'd be there
So I wake gently

The morning warm sun greets me
Objects in my room in a gray glow

Then I realized,
I'm home
I'm home in your arms
Where I'm supposed to be



It's not enough to say it
I know --
Because it's a feeling
It's a feeling that surpasses both time and space
Because it is ever engulfing,
Ever expanding.
Like the infinite universe.
It has no end, no boundary
Nothing can hold it down or cage it.
Because it is never ending...


I love the way you study my face each time I see you.
As if you’re looking for changes: What has she done?
I know you want to know everything about me
But wait.

I love the way you search for reasons for my actions.
As if you’re looking for my logic: What is she thinking?
I know you want to know,
But wait.

I love the way you try to get a scent of me each time I’m near.
As if you discover a new layer: What more is there?
I know,
But wait.

I love the way you look into my eyes, straight to my heart.
As if you’re searching out my feelings: Is there pain?
I know you want to know everything about me
But wait.

I love the way you steal touches of my skin.
As if you’re trying to send me signals: I love her.
I know,
But wait.