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Where to Get Photos For Your Blog

Notice my new banner? I finally figured out how to change my banner. I found it off Yoto Photo it's the first place I look for when I want pictures to use at work or in personal designs. You can use it when you're designing web templates too.

I had the picture altered in Photoshop for it a long time back but I lost the Terms of Service on the picture. I really don't like using people's pictures without their permission or knowing what the license behind them are so I didn't update the banner until now.

I think of Yoto as a database of databases of pictures. The best thing about Yoto is that you get to see the Creative Commons licenses for Flickr photographers or other Terms and Conditions from the photo stock sites like Stockvault, Stock.xchng, the Wikimedia Commons, Freefoto.com.

I found the picture from Morgue File (minus "Notes Above Ground"). In the process of putting up the banner, I accidentally deleted the code to the nav bar but it's back now. I'm getting a hang about all this coding little by little.

After you've selected your ideal picture read the terms or license. I'm an amateur photographer and I wouldn't like my photos to be used the way I don't want them to. It's not nice. What's more, it's illegal and you can be sued. So before you use the photo make sure you play fair.

Even after going through the royalty free sites you still can't find any, check out the public domain sites like Public Domain pictures and the Wikimedia's Public Domain Image Resources.
Happy hunting!


  1. Wendell said...
    Hey! Great to see you back. I thought you'd gone underground for good. (Actually, I began making up stories involving tax collectors and mafia types and lost treasures...)

    Thks for the post - I've been meaning to address this matter as well. Like you, I'm unhappy using other people's stuff without permission. Too, since I help adult learners become bloggers, I need to provide an ethical framework of practice. I'm going to follow your tips. Then, I'm going to steal, er... quote your post.

    Yu^2 said...
    Yay! Wendell! No I was just really busy. I've not had the time to update. :( Which I'm planning to regularly from now on. I did a couple changes and started a new humor blog...
    Nothingman said...
    Well, you can also check out sxc.hu if you are looking for royalty free pics ;) they have a nice collection.


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