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About Notes Above Ground

I wanted to write this post for a while now. Somehow life seemed crazy and I wasn't able to really have the time or the quietness of the mind. When I started "Notes Above Ground", I had a very clear picture. I wanted to shut down my other blog -- Stream of Conscious -- partly because it was under a pen name, and partly because I wanted to write more than poetry. That blog was all poetry. So what's the deal with this blog? Here goes:

Notes Above Ground is my PERSONAL blog. That means it's about things that I'm really interested in. That can translate to anything under the sun but I'm narrowing down that into loosely 'concentrated' areas.

This is a place that I jot down notes, thought processes, and keep references. They might be of use to others too. So here's a list of things that you'd be able to read about here:

  • Photography
  • Social/New media
  • The Internet/Web 2.0/Web ++
  • Book reviews
  • Movie reviews
  • Blog/Site reviews
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Writing, writing, writing

Did I mention writing? ^_^ Click here to read my bio.
Enjoy the ride. If you want laughs, visit my other blog Confederacy of the Dunces. If you're a film buff, check out Brooklyn Young Filmmakers.

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