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Drunks and Damsels I

Alcohol is a substance I was introduced to early in life. There's a famous story that my parents told over and over to people on how I first got drunk. I was only two years old. It happened in Beigining -- where I was born. We were the only Christian family at the embassy; naturally my father threw a Christmas party for his colleagues. After a night of drinking and merry conversation, it was time for the guests to leave.

My parents, being gracious hosts, walked the guests to the elevator -- afterall, they lived in the same building. This was Beijing in the early '80s--before the economic liberalization. Movements for foreigners were strict. Diplomats lived in the diplomatic quarters, shopped in super markets designated for diplomats.

Since my parents walked off with the guests, I helped myself to whatever that was leftover in their glasses. When my parents returned, I was fast asleep and all the glasses were empty. And that ladies and gents was the first time I drank.

To be continued...


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