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What should I name my new pup?

Puppy asleep on the floor. ©2008 YU YU DIN
Just a quick post because EVERYONE'S asking me about the name of the pup. I don't want to rush this. I want it to be done right. First off, did I tell ya, I got a puppy! I still can't believe it. I can't really decide on her name so I picked 16 names and did a small poll among a selective group of office colleagues -- call it my own little 'focus group' if you will. Here are the original 16 names I picked and the amount of votes they got.

3 for Samantha (Sam)
3 for Faith

2 for Keira
2 for Skye
2 for Trinity
2 for Phoebe
2 for Lexie

1 for Leah
1 for Maxie
1 for Erin
1 for Caitlin
1 for Ava

NONE for Amelie
NONE for Kim (Kimberly)
NONE for Alex (Alexa)
NONE for Layla

Arings, my friend and colleague is also consulting the numerology charts to come up with other names. But I'm sticking to these ones below. Leave a vote and help me decide. I got the pup from Aringsburg Kennel -- check out the back story on the mom here!

Stay tuned!


  1. Arings said...
    Looking for a name? Have 'Faith' :-) She's yours...
    marydane said...
    Keira is a great name!;)
    Yu^2 said...
    Folks, I have the pup's name. Her name is Faith. Thanks for contributing! More later!!!
    Rohit Jain said...
    She is Gracious :)
    Yu^2 said...
    Not when she bites! She just killed my jasmine plant this morning!
    Content Guru said...
    yu.. this is arings. can ya please call me. I lost your fon numbr.
    roses said...

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