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Special things happen to Special People

I haven't been able to update the blog lately – and I have a good reason. Let's recap what happened to me from the last weekend --

Saturday, on my way down town I folded my ankle and put my whole weight on top of it. I thought I had broken it. We did X-Rays, doc ordered me 3-4 days absolute bed rest. I did for about 2 days and went about with life. Ankle got better.

Thursday – I felt feverish, so I stayed home. Found a small blister type object on my palm. If you give a bubble wrap to a kid what do they do? They pop it. Naturally I popped my blister too.

Some itchiness started on my back.

Friday -- I went about what I had to do downtown, still feeling feverish. In the morning I felt something behind my right ear. Some little bump and the gland behind my ear was a bit hardened. Then my head was a bit itchy and prickly stuff was on my head. I got better after lunch and though nothing about it. As the evening approached, around 6, my friend realizes that she had the same problem once. Told me to go to the bathroom to see if there are red dots on my tummy.

I went to the bathroom and checked – small red dots – could've been mosquito bites. I went back to sit with her and told her that. Then I pulled up my shirt sleeve and there was another blister like bump. My friend told me to run to the doc right away.

Sure enough, the doc checked out and it was chicken pox. :(

So I'm down with chicken pox. Been on bed all these days.

I'm well above legal drinking age. I'm down with chicken pox. That means I'm still a kid? ^_^


  1. Rohit Jain said...
    Chicken Chicken all the way.
    Anyways...hope you get away with this soon.
    Moral of the story...support PETA :)
    What say Yu?
    Yu^2 said...
    lol That's funny Ro. Thanks for the support and I already support PETA!

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