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Welcome to the new template!

Finally I found Blogger classic templates from Gecko&Fly that are hack... well, 'modified' for Blogger beta by Blogcrowds (Somehow I think they're the same people behind the scenes.) They're not as 'grown up' as MyBlogLog but they are pretty cool.

My favorite part is that they have a 'forum' format. Now, I'm not big on forums because I get lost easily like blog skins. I love the designs but I don't know where or what to click to get the template and take a peek. I don't have the time to go through all that. Recently I realized that I do need to sleep too.

I really wish MyBlogLog come up with a forum type of a thing so people can talk and converse in their communities instead of just leaving messages. I love the crowd in MyBlogLog, I love the people and the blogs that are there but I don't like the fact that you have to forever keep on clicking to get to one point to the next. And if you're like me, I'm sure you have so many tabs on your window to keep track of what's what. After that I get confused what opened where when I clicked on a person.

Hey this isn't just me ranting. I've seen people leave messages saying they're lost or can't understand what happens when you click something. When you click on the picture it doesn't go to the blog, it might go to the community page. That's why people get lost. We're hard wired in our brains so much we forget to look where we're clicking and expect something else.

Basically it's a usability issue. I hope they fix it soon, or else we're gonna loose newbies that come up and I'll not have the opportunities to 'meet' them and their blogs otherwise.

In other news -- My ankle is much better. I can walk with just a small limp that's hardly noticeable.

Oh, and about this template, I'll be doing changes slowly so I don't pull out my hair and I learn... it's going to be a process, not an over night thing -- see you around!


  1. kludge said...
    Very cool templates! Your site looks very clean, I'll have to check them out.

    Thanks for the hot tip!
    Con el viento said...
    Here is the way to correct the bug of the sidebar of this template: http://www.geckoandfly.com/2006/12/10/k2-blogger-beta-template-2/

    Take a look to the comments of Diatribe. I have the same problem, but i could fix it. ;)
    Yu^2 said...
    I'm looking into this. Thanks con el viento!
    Rohit Jain said...
    I tried tweaking my blog site with a template but I must admit (proudly)...I ended up with mess.
    The first great response was (from me?) like.......Eeeehh Rohit!!! Go have a good bath.
    I reverted back to the normal template.
    I wish I could give another try to some other template.
    God bless me and my site!
    Yu^2 said...
    Of all people Rohit, I'd think you've figured that out. Are you a new blogger or an old one?

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