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What You See is NOT What You Might Get

Folks, I'm still experimenting with the template here so if it changes and stuff it's because I'm doing things to this baby. I'm still trying to get a hang of this widget stuff and how to code it. I was bored by the cookie cutter templates so I started experimenting with a couple of templates on new year's day. Now I'm just staring at the widget codes. The more I stare, the more I seem to understand but only time can tell whether I was dreaming or not.

If codes show up in my dream, then definitely I've understood -- it happened when I was learning Java and it happened with French too. Do you dream in java? Holla back!


  1. Wendell said...
    K. Right on. But let us know what you did and why. And neither in rhyming couplet nor java-speak, if you please. :)
    Wendell said...
    Ummm... You know better than I, but your comment moderation's not turned on (?) Just FYI, etc. None of my business. I'll just be quiet now. ;)

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